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Discreet Delivery

We understand all the reasons why you want to buy HerSolution.

We also understand the reasons why you want to keep this to yourself!

Her-Solution.co.uk is a website operated by Medialicious. We are a large UK based company, used to handling effective products that are of a sensitive nature.

When you buy from us you are buying from our multi-tiered Discretionary Policy.

Discreet Packaging
All of our products are of a sensitive nature and so all packaging is completely discreet and will look like this:

discreet delivery

Only you will know what your parcel contains.

The outside of the package simply has your address, our address and the postage information on it.

We even give you the option not to have a despatch note sent with your products

This Website is Secure
Whenever you input your address details into our website you are in a secure area, protected by 128bit SSL encryption. This top level security means that your information cannot be read by a third party.

As an additional level of security, we host all of our websites on dedicated servers – this means that only our websites are on these super computers, making us in complete control of your information.

Our servers are based in the UK. This means we can service Europe in real time and if there are any problems we are able to react quickly.

Secure Payments
We use third party payment processors Paypoint.net and Paypal. This means we never handle your credit card details, our team never has access to them and your payment information is guaranteed and protected.

We carry out regular fraud prevention checks to protect genuine cardholders – if any of your details are not accurate then we may contact you to verify your identity.

Data Protections

We are registered with the information commissioner (ref: Z1346469) and all of our staff are regularly trained to ensure they handle your data properly.

When you contact us we will ask you to confirm your details as part of a security check, we respect your respect of our staff as we carry out these essential data protection measures.



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