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Why is a healthy sex life so important?

As we get older and especially as we go through child birth and bringing up a family, our sex lives are often put on the back-burner – there is always something more important to do, like sleep?

Having a healthy sex life was deemed as one of the most important factors in ensuring a long-lasting and healthy relationship, according to sex therapists and relationship councillors.

Indeed, a poor sex life would often result in partnership break-up, a loss of commonality and distance in a relationship.

The joys of a family are wondrous, but if you neglect your sex life then once the family has flown the nest you can be left with a relationship that has grown apart, functioning for family reasons only.

A healthy sex life, throughout your relationship, can make all the difference and help you develop a life-long partnership.

Enjoy the revitalising effect that a healthy sex life has on your whole outlook and your self-esteem, the answer is within you.

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“After neglecting my sex life for so long whilst bringing up a family, I was worried what would happen when the kids left home, would our love life be the same? Her Solution has helped me to feel sexy again, we just wish I’d found it sooner.”

Janet, Harrogate

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