her solution
female libido enhancer
HerSolution is a combination of proprietary herbs and natural remedies, combined to bring you a product that is the answer to thousands of womens sexual needs.

Her Solution Pills contain:
an ingredient known to boost your energy
Hops Extract
helps to cool the body, stimulate natural lubrication and sexual health
Tribulus Terrestris
is a known aphrodisiac and helps to revitalise the body
Mucuna Pruriens
stimulates the brain and has a feel-good effect
Ginkgo Biloba
supports healthy circulation and blood flow to the clitoris.
Epimedium Sagittatum
is a sexual stimulant for women, it warms, and invigorates the body’s energy core.
boosts levels of both mental and physical sexual satisfaction.
is naturally stimulating and has been known to rejuvenate and promote youthfulness in women.

HerSolution Gel contains:

helping to create a rush of blood to the clitoris
Menthol USP
is a known stimulant and has a cooling, tingling effect on the clitoris
Cocoa Butter
helps to sooth and moisturise
Shea Butter
is kind and soft on your skin
Aloe Vera Extract
has revitalising and long-term health benefits
Purified Water
helping to carry these naturally kind ingredients
Olive Squalene
helping the ingredients to quickly penetrate the layers of the skin

In a proprietary blend, designed to give you quick stimulation. We recommend using HerSolution Gel daily for 7 days for maximum benefit, giving your body time to get used to the herbal combination.

“After neglecting my sex life for so long whilst bringing up a family, I was worried what would happen when the kids left home, would our love life be the same? Her Solution has helped me to feel sexy again, we just wish I’d found it sooner.”

Janet, Harrogate

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